This video was inspired by Vanessa Grimaldi’s Special Education students at Galileo Adult Centre. Their stories, their strength and positive outlook on life inspired Vanessa to put together this music video to help raise awareness and give a voice to people living with a special need.

PI2 wrote the song ‘No Better You’ to remind us all that there is no better version of YOU!

By purchasing the song “No Better You” on the iTunes store, proceeds will go to the foundation No Better You. Click the following link to purchase the song! 🙂

We hope you enjoy this video and we thank you for watching!

Our Story

No Better You was founded by special education teacher, Vanessa Grimaldi. Vanessa is largely known for being a contestant on Season 21 of ABC’s The Bachelor, and ultimately winning the final rose and becoming engaged to Nick Viall in 2017.

Being a special education teacher and bringing awareness to students with learning disabilities is something Vanessa is extremely passionate about. Her students are a big part of her life, and so, it was important to Vanessa to use this platform to give back to the special needs community. As a teacher, Vanessa found it challenging to find the funding that would help properly equip classrooms in order to meet the needs of her students. No Better You aims to help alleviate that! Our goal is to help provide classrooms with the necessary tools that will help the special education programs prevail.